Monday, May 12, 2008

Industry Day Revisited

Here are two local news reports about Sheridan's recent industry day. The students and facility shown in the reports are from the post-graduate cgi program. That program's films screened in the morning and I'm assuming that the reporters featured those students as they needed time to edit the stories for the evening news.


Ke7in said...

That's pretty disappointing that in two stories they made no mention of the BAA program, and not a single shot from a 2D film. And worse, they reward the guy who simply copied his webcam movie by giving him and is film air time.

But like you said, reporters aren't going to stick around for more than a couple of hours, so I guess it stands to reason that they miss out on the better films.

Ward Jenkins said...

Interesting that in both segments they brought up the whole Oscar thing, as if that's the pinnacle of what we animators are striving for. How about, "I just want people to enjoy my films?" Yeah, that's kinda boring. No story there.