Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Walt's People Volume 6

Editor Didier Ghez has announced that Walt's People Volume 6 is now available from and will be available to those outside the U.S. from in 6 to 8 weeks. The contents include:

Foreword by Michael Sporn

Michael Barrier: Carl Stalling

I. Klein: The Disney Studio in the '30s

I. Klein: Some Close-Up Shots of Walt Disney during the "Golden Years"

I. Klein: Golden Age Animator Vladimir (Bill) Tytla

I. Klein: Walt Disney Took Another Giant Step!

Steve Hulett: Wilfred Jackson

Steve Hulett: Eric Larson

Steve Hulett: Ward Kimball

Steve Hulett: Ken Anderson

Steve Hulett: Ken O'Connor

Steve Hulett: Claude Coates

Robin Allan: Claude Coats

Christopher Finch: Frank Thomas

Christopher Finch: Ollie Johnston

Christopher Finch: Milt Kahl

JB Kaufman: Maurice Rapf

Richard Hubler: Lillian Disney

Richard Hubler: Roy O. Disney

Richard Hubler: Edna Disney

Richard Hubler: Sharon Disney

Richard Hubler: Diane Disney Miller

Richard Hubler: Ron Miller

Richard Hubler: Dick Irvine

Richard Hubler: Marvin Davis

Richard Hubler: Joe Fowler

Richard Hubler: Roger Broggie

Dave Smith: Fred Joerger

Jim Korkis: Ken Anderson

Richard Hubler: Frank Reilly

Frank Reilly: The Walt Disney Comic Strips

Jim Davis and Alberto Becattini: Ken Hultgren

Wes Sullivan: Bud Hester

Wes Sullivan: Iwao Takamoto

Gabe Essoe: Larry Clemmons

Christian Renaut: Joe Hale

Didier Ghez: Steve Hulett

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