Tuesday, March 27, 2007

JibJab in Washington

I received an email from Evan Spiridellis, one of the founders of JibJab, saying that they've done a new 2 minute piece satirizing the news media that will be premiered at the TV and Radio Correspondence Dinner in Washington on Wednesday night. The attendees include the major broadcast and cable news personalities in addition to various politicians, including the President.

The dinner will be carried live on CSPAN and their short will also show Wednesday night on The Tonight Show immediately after Jay Leno's monologue. Anyone registered at JibJab can access a behind the scenes production blog on the making of the film (though I don't see a link; perhaps it will go up on Wednesday).


Cooked Art said...

Haha, Can't wait to see it.

Joey Infortuno said...

The world will know soon enough =)

Nancy said...

It's up online now. Cute, but sort of predictable in a way. Very nicely made though. They are using a lot of three dimensional work now that Tina Price is producing them--the qualitative difference is pretty evident.