Friday, June 29, 2007

Brad Bird Interview

There's lots of Ratatouille publicity out there right now, but this interview with Brad Bird is several cuts above the typical hype.


Cookedart said...

This is a great interview.

Thanks for posting Mark.

Benjamin De Schrijver said...


Though I wish I could know what the bleeped out film was ^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us this link -- I really believe Brad Bird is a brilliant director and writer. He says it all with this answer about what's wrong with modern animation: "Tired, recycled story lines. Fart jokes. Poo-poo jokes. Celebrity-voiced characters that are not interesting to listen to. Smart-alecky pop-culture references that substitute for actual characterization." I was beginning to wonder if it was just me -- I just don't get the humor of bodily functions.
My wife and I saw Ratatouille last night. I can't imagine anything could come along this year that would top it. This is in a class by itself. Bravo!