Sunday, June 24, 2007

Peter Emslie

I've known Peter Emslie for decades and admired his cartooning for just as long. He's one of the two best caricaturists I consider friends (the other being Bob Jaques). While the majority of Peter's professional work has been illustrating cartoon characters for merchandising and for children's books, he's done some caricature work professionally. He's the cover artist for the Walt's People series of books and has contributed to Entertainment Weekly.

Peter has started a blog where he'll showcase his caricatures as well as his mastery with a Winsor Newton brush. He also has a website to show off additional artwork. Anyone who values classical cartooning will enjoy Peter's work.

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Thad said...

That's a great Seinfeld cast pic!

Bob showed me a few of the caricatures he did during Mighty Mouse. They certainly are great!