Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kyle Baker Again

I pointed to a Kyle Baker interview last January. Here's another, newer one, where Baker continues to hammer on the same important points. For instance:
Kyle: Well, I can make the same money writing and drawing a graphic novel that I would creating a show for Nickelodeon, and I own what I create.

CMix: But isn't there more money working for Nickelodeon in the long run?

Kyle: Not for me there's not. They don't pay WGA residuals, they don't pay licensing residuals. I believe that many of the guys who run animation hate what they do. Kids' cartoons was not their first career choice. They all want to do live-action for grown-ups, and they think being in animation means they've failed. Because they trained for a career in network sitcoms, they have a formula they've learned which they then try to apply to an 11 minute TV cartoon. They want to see a script with a three-act structure and character arcs. I wanted to do cartoons about animals chasing each other and trying to eat each other with lots of hitting. They wanted to know why the characters were acting like that, what their motivation was. "Why is the cat chasing the squirrel?"

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