Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pinocchio Part 14


Anonymous said...

Once again, T Hee's scenes certainly have some unusual animator casting... Pinocchio himself is entirely animated by uncredited artists (Phil Duncan and Harvey Toombs) although presumably Frank Thomas or Milt Kahl was overseeing them. Toombs is even credited with some Jiminy scenes, unlike in any other part of the draft. I also don't quite understand the Jack Bradbury credits towards the end of the sequence.

Oh, and by the way, this is the only sequence to contain "Norman Tate" animation which isn't called a "Second Final Draft".

Steven Hartley said...

Its interesting that there a lot of Honest John and Gideon animators that are in the credits and not a lot of animation appears in the film, however:
Norm Tate is credited for 20 scenes
Hugh Fraser is credited for 11 scenes
John Lounsbery is credited for 14 scenes
Preston Blair is credited for only 6 scenes, and yet a 48ft scene
Norm Ferguson does 5 scenes alone,
Charles Nichols does 24 scenes (including Coachman scenes)
and an uncredited Sam Cobean does 9 scenes, and Charles Otterstrom does 7 scenes.

Altogether, Honest John and Gideon themselves, appear in roughly 83 scenes, and yet many animators attributed to the character animation, even Norm Ferguson, who isn't credited for any directing.