Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Bunch of Links

Michael Sporn offers his thoughts on A Scanner Darkly. He also posts a memo from Walt Disney to Don Graham about what qualities an animator should have. The text of this was printed in Shamus Culhane's autobiography Talking Animals and Other People, but Mike's copy is the actual typed memo. This should be mandatory reading for anybody interested in animation.

Steve Schnier is the creator of the animated series Freaky Stories as well as a producer on series like Magic School Bus and a writer on Atomic Betty. Steve has never been shy about thinking outside the box. He's currently working on a feature made from found footage and he's blogging about it here.

On July 11, I mentioned two articles by Keith Lango on the economics of independent animation. He's added parts 3 and 4 and both are worth reading. Keith is also answering questions about his approach to animation on the cg-character forum.

IDT continues their retreat from the animation business. They're selling their 62% of Mainframe in Vancouver to Rainmaker. Details here.


Steve Schnier said...

Hi Mark,
Thanks for mentioning my blog. I'm really excited by my project and the blog is a great way to document the production and share it with others.

Michael Dedrick said...
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Michael Dedrick said...

Fantastic tips, and it's very interesting that those same priciples from 1935 still hold true today!!

Thanks for the post Mark!!!

Does this impact your teaching in anyway?