Thursday, July 13, 2006

Different Kinds of Creativity

A great article in Wired talking about creators being conceptual innovators or experimental innovators and how each style seems to be associated with a particular stage of life.

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Nancy said...

Mark, some animators are 'emotional' animators and some are 'analytical' animators. Frank Thomas is a great example of the latter; Ollie is the former and so apparently were people like Bill Tytla.
It has nothing to do with age and I frankly cannot see the point of the article. They make a specious statement ("genius is always associated with youth".) By whom?
Remember that Rodin made hackwork in a pottery factory until he was given a chance to produce sculpture in his forties. Al Hirschfeld's work was far better in his nineties than it was when he was in his twenties. I could go on and name more people, but the mark of true genius is, for me, the ability to make the impossible look easy. The description was originally used for Fred Astaire and Buster Keaton but it applies equally well to other 'creative geniuses'. And it has nothing to do with age.