Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cartoonist's Work Banned By Prison!

Who is this rabble rousing cartoonist? Was he editorializing about the terrible conditions found behind bars? Was he exposing the racial bias of the criminal justice system? Was he complaining about the government's inability to curb drug abuse in prisons? Was he drawing diagrams to aid an escape? Was he calling the warden a fink?

No, he was drawing pretty girls.

Nancy Beiman wrote me that our mutual friend, Dean Yeagle, received a letter from the North Carolina Division of Prisons banning his sketchbooks because they were too risqué. You can read Dean's reaction to this on Nancy's blog. I can think of many things that are threats to the social order, but Dean Yeagle sure isn't one of them.

Dean will be appearing at Comicon International in San Diego on a panel with Stephen Silver and Glen McIntosh called "Designing Appealing Characters." If you're a convicted felon from North Carolina and plan to attend, don't tell your parole officer.


Nancy said...

HI Mark,
Funny stuff!
I will contribute to the continuing decline of American moral standards by showing these books to my students. We're all hopeless cases in Rochester anyway.
Dean reminded me that he was censored for the first time by the NEW YORK TIMES for his salacious "Once a Catholic" playbill.
Actually, it WAS pretty salacious. The TIMES would not print the ad unless the kissing kids were standing behind the disapproving nun, not lying under the train of her habit.
Dean continues to be the most-censored cartoonist I know, and for no good reason that I can tell.

floyd norman said...

Sure wish somebody would censor my books.

Anyway, Dean is great and as usual, society is wacko.

Nancy said...

Yes, and now Dean writes that Hugh Hefner has taken an interest in the story. This is the best publicity money can't buy.

Hey Floyd, didn't Michael Eisner threaten you and forbid you to caricature him? So you did HOW THE GRINCH STOLE DISNEY...but it's still G-rated!

I am drawing pigs for my book illustrations with a 'rear bifucation line' that goes ALL THE WAY up to their tails. Call out the Smut Police! But it's not the same as a pretty girl with the same 'bifurcation'!

Dean's just had a gold mine handed to him by Deputy Dawg.